Senior High Schhol

I. General Goals of Good Shepherd Christian School

  • To strive for excellence by providing students with well-balanced and challenging curriculum of studies adapted to their talents and abilities;
  • To guide the students to take the proper direction in their lives and help them plan their individual lives as contributing members of the community guided by Christian principles;
  • To prepare students not only for higher education but also for engaging in livelihood activities;
  • To maximize the individual’s potential through a variety of carefully selected and meaningful experiences considering his interests and capabilities;
  • To narrow down adjustment and learning gaps, thereby minimizing drop-outs and eventually improving students’ achievement;
  • To develop the youth in all aspects so that he becomes a self-propelling, thinking and contributing individual, able to make decisions which will prepare him for the more complex demands of future life;
  • To prepare the students for leadership by providing opportunities for initiative and creativity;
  • To lead the students in appreciation order and beauty in their environment and to recognize the responsibility to keep it orderly and beautiful.

II. Emphases

  • To reinforce and inculcate moral and spiritual values among the youth
  • To develop proficiency in oral and written communication in both Filipino and English
  • To instill nationalism and love of country
  • To sharpen the creative abilities of the adolescent
  • To develop critical thinking and develop analytical minds among the high school students
  • To enhance their awareness and sensitivity to their responsibilities to God, to their families, and to their community so that they may develop into productive and dynamic citizens of the Philippines

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