I. General Goals of Good Shepherd Christian School

  • To lead the child to discover Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord;
  • To foster love and respect for parents, family members, and duly constituted authorities of the school;
  • To develop the right habits of work;
  • To help develop the psychomotor skills through pleasant repeated activities, encouraging accuracy in visual and auditory discrimination and coordination in motor responses;
  • To give opportunities for self-expression in communication, Music, Arts and other physical activities;
  • To foster an amiable relationship with other children, apart from his family circle;
  • To develop learning readiness in preparation for formal school work.

II. Emphasis

  • To develop oral communication among the pre-schoolers
  • To develop good habits of work
  • To start manual coordination from the Nursery to the Preparatory level
  • To improve socialization among the children in the pre-school level

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